John Fanzine

Disparate Dan

2004-08-12 20:54:27
Introducing our new cartoon character.

Travel News

2004-08-12 20:44:44
All the latest updates from the world of world travel.

Brown Slammed Over "Toilet Water Gate"

2004-08-12 20:44:11
New news.

The Return of Freda Sock

2004-08-12 20:17:38
John Fanzine's resident octogenarian stunna reports LIVE from the golden age of rickets. Again.

New stuff

2004-04-07 01:11:30
Okay, we know it's been a while since we've had any proper new content on here, but we've been trying, honest.

We have a major update planned for the near future, including a new long-form Flash movie! (About time, I know)

While you're waiting for that, though, we have a few new bits you can gawp at right now -

A couple of news articles:

Everything's Twice As Big As We Think It Is
Passing Silly Laws Outlawed

plus the silliest Butler yet.

For news of further updates either keep watching this space, get the RSS feed or join the mailing list.

Right nice!
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Colliderscope 2
Colliderscope 2
More science news in bits
Page the Oracle
Page the Oracle
(2.8 second laughter sample)

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