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Win IE Flash fuck-up fixed

2004-04-02 14:40:58
The Flash content on this site will now work on Windows IE properly again.

We'd normally apologise for a fuck up like that but, come on, Win IE? :-P

Re-branding exercise

2004-03-23 12:40:44
Due to the nice people at Netto complaining at us, "Neural Netto" has now turned into SPASDA.

When the nice people at ASDA complain at us it will probably change back.

Damn, another oil leak!

2004-03-10 12:49:05
Oil leak

Coming soon on JFTV

2004-02-29 15:25:18
Button Moon

More b3ta silliness. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

New software

2004-02-24 15:37:25

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Colliderscope 2
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Page the Oracle
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