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Smiffy  13.10.03, 13:53:08
Re: Rescheduled

No need to go on toilet strike, chuck.

We'll have the first batch of stuff there this weekend, honest.

This will include *at least* the following:

A new home page
A new HellOk!
A new Freda Sock
A new Butler
A new cartoon strip
A tarted up news page
Two new news stories
A tarted up Log
A new Glum

With the following arriving, if not then, then soon after:

A brand new long-form Flash cartoon
Three new Neural Netto "products"
A new Gloopy Minstrel
A new TV Wonder
Another new news story
Another new cartoon strip
A new "advertising feature"
A "downloads" page featuring the spectacular "Classic Weather" screensaver.
A cafepress shop where you can buy Glum pants.