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The23rdMan  19.04.04, 14:36:05
Re: K-Pax

Right, brief synopsis...

The year is 2013 and mankind has just been included in The Galactic Milieu - a benevolent civilisation of Coadunate Races connected via telepathy and other funky mindbending abilities. This introduction ends war, suffering, disease, raises mans latent metapsychic abilities and gives us the opportunity to colonise the stars. In exchange we must grow up and ditch our outdated religions and superstitions. Most think this is a pretty good deal.

In 2034 a french scientist builds a time machine and discovers a way to travel back to Pliocene earth. It seems like a useless discovery as the time hole only exists in one place - the Rhone valley - and it's a one way trip (anything coming back instantly ages 6 million years).

Like any Golden Age there are misfits. Those who don't wanna play in the Galactic Unity and long for freedom and simpler times. These peeps choose exile through the time gate to a new life in the peace of Pliocene France. What they don't realise is a group of exiles from a diomorphic race from a far away galaxy choose Pliocene earth as their new home. A home where they could enact their gruesome battle religion...

Fun all the way.