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the23rdman  11.01.05, 15:34:11
Re: Free Gmail invite

We're a small but dedicated band on PORG's hell bent on ridding the world of the evilness of figs. Figs cause flatulence, runny stools, hysteria in old ladies, the fall on nations, catastrophic cosmic convergences, ingrowing toe nails and belching. I've also heard it said that ants poo in them as part of the production of fig rolls.

They are obviously the work of Satan and we, the Figfinders, will surely triumph in our appointed task.

The join you must be under 5' 2" and have your own lightsaber and certificate of sanity from a government body. If you satisfy these requirements you're in.

I'll email you the address to send your cheque for £65.87 for admin costs and "Figfinders Save!" T-Shirt.