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Bommel Granite  16.02.02, 18:33:16

How is it that this 'thread' (is that the inside term for subject?) of Kylies Arse (which sounds like some sort of disease, like a strain of Gary's Gonads) was started today, yet someone replied to it last Tuesday? Is it perhaps NEXT Tuesday that someone is replying to it? Because whenever it was or is someone replied the next day after that and the next day after that again and then the next day there were 4 which was more like an argument really between Simon Pegg and some little schoolboy. But THEN; some replies to my 2 replies yesterday, which is the day before I even put my addition to said 'thread'...right?..................No actually, the last bit is wrong because they are not replying to my reply, so forget that bit, but the rest of it is right, I think