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BinnyA  14.03.02, 03:09:45

I think the message that everyone is waiting for you to post in reply to Charles' somewhat childish, pathetic, pointless, and really REALLY boring threads is BUGGER OFF and go and play with the traffic, there's a good boy.

I for one, visit this site quite often as it's one of the few sites left around that have me laughing out loud every time I visit.

The fact that there will always inevitably be the Charles' of this world who like to think that they are somehow at the cutting edge by being so outspoken and yet never really have anything to say is to say the least, unfortunate.

Anyway, sorry I'm starting to rant now.......
What I was trying to say in the most round about way possible was just ignore him and maybe (hopefully) he'll go away and never come back.

OH YEAH and keep up the bloody good work.