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Smiffy  29.03.02, 20:06:53
Re: ATARI 2600

Honestly, you kids nowadays don't know you're born, with your fancy X boxes
and such like.

When I was a lad we had to get up at 5 in the morning, have cold bread and dripping for breakfast, then spend six hours trying to get a dodgy copy of "manic miner" to load into a Sinclair Spectrum from a cheap C90 pirated off that Dave kid at school.

There was none of this realtime 3D textured nonsense in my day. We had to make do with an 8 bit CPU, 8 colour graphics and a few bleeps for sound effects, if we were lucky.

But we were grateful! And just when you were about to beat your high score you'd get dragged off to work down the pit for thruppence an hour, then have to walk 50 miles home through the cobbled streets in the pouring rain with no shoes.

Then it'd be powdered egg and a half of mild for supper and off to bed with only a sound thrashing and a gas mask for company.

But you could "leave your door open".