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Celeb Sleaze  22.12.02, 08:13:56
Sir Cliff's Christmas Clanger

Sir Cliff Richards upset fans yesterday after Cliff was spotted drinking a caffeine based energy drink at a jumble sale in Macclesfield.

Mrs Dorothy Green 82 said ?It was awful, Cliff became a different person, he was flitting around from stall to stall like a mad man?.

Mrs Green continued ?Cliff is a role model to the young people of this country, if this gets out, kids will be breaking into our bungalows to feed there habits?.

This isn?t the first time Cliffs substance abuse has landed him in hot water with fans, during the 60?s when Cliff was a household name with his Sunday afternoon show on Radio Luxembourg, he was spotted in a trendy west London café downing several cappuccinos.

A fellow DJ at the time who doesn?t want to be named for fear of his own safety spoke out earlier today, ?I remember Cliffs problems as though they where yesterday, it was 1964 and we where both in the Friary Grill in Chesterfield after a road show?.

?Cliff was having one drink after another, sometimes having three sugars?, this shocking news has left some fans unable to leave their homes to collect their pensions, the famous DJ also revealed ?Cliff even told one fan to Bugger Off?.

This news is no shock to chart master Dr Fox, ?This just reflects the current trend for performers to be rebellious, you only have to look back to the summer when Daniel O?Donnell was caught smoking a Silk Cut after a show in Scarborough?.