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Friday 11th Nov 1994

requested by T. Booth of Leicestershire

with the Reverend Daniel O'Shelves
the Reverend Daniel o'Shelves

"Sure, they can put a man on the moon, but it's hardly rocket science, is it?"

"Storkism" to be taught in British schools

24.05.02 10:24:53 GMT Reporter: Grace Logins

Prime Minister Tony Blair has lent his support to the controversial campaign to teach "Storkism" in Britain's state schools.

Photographic evidence of Storkism includes this image taken in 1947 by retired ufologist Tuppence DuPrez of Pigsville, Missouri.
At a press conference held earlier today Mr Blair told journalists that "whilst the belief that human beings reproduce sexually is currently held by approximately 100% of the adult population, we should not forget that a sizeable minority, particularly among the under fives, hold a different view. Namely, that babies are brought by the Stork."

"I believe that in any civilised society the tolerance of viewpoints different to one's own is something of utmost importance. Therefore it is right and proper that Storkism be afforded the same amount of time in school biology lessons as the so-called 'sex' theory. Thankyou."

When later pressed to clarify his own beliefs on the subject, the visibly flustered PM conceded that numerous scientists over the years had presented "a reasonably large body of circumstantial evidence" to support the theory of human sexual reproduction, but said that, as a Christian, he personally questioned whether it really needed to be "quite so rude".

In completely unrelated incidents, the Catholic church today donated ?100,000 to Labour party funds and Professor Richard Dawkins of Oxford University hurled himself out of a fifteenth storey window in utter despair.


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