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Monday 11th Jan 1999

requested by F. Pike of Worcestershire

with the Reverend Daniel O'Shelves
the Reverend Daniel o'Shelves

"The Devil's in the detial."

World's Longest Running Fight Comes To An End

24.11.02 01:50:27 GMT Reporter: Rosemary Focaccia

The world's longest running fight came to an end today - almost two hundred years after it first started.

The brawl, which has been going on in the saloon bar of the Dog and Hounds public house in Rotherham since the early 19th century, was finally broken up by a group of local riot police, apparently responding to an emergency call made some time in the late twenties.

Punch drunk: A typical pub fight, yesterday
The original cause of the marathon punch-up is uncertain, though local historians agree that it probably started some time in early September 1805, possibly as the result of an argument about a ruff.

Though the original protagonists are long dead, a regular influx of new combatants has kept the scrap going, with many local families being able to claim involvement going back five or six generations.

When asked to what he attributed the incredible longevity of the fight, Timothy Barr, the current landlord, cited the senseless brutality of the locals, the plentiful supply of cheap alcohol and the fact that it was "winner stays on".


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