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Thursday 29th May 1997

requested by R. Weaver of Galloway

with the Reverend Daniel O'Shelves
the Reverend Daniel o'Shelves

"Fill your life with Norman Wisdom.

Sorry - Mormon widsom."

Branson Swims Under England

14.09.00 03:32:02 GMT Reporter: Poppy Tupper

Dare-devil business man Sir Richard Branson made it into the record books today by becoming the first person ever to swim under England.

Beardy billionaire Branson, 62, began his historic journey in the Lancashire coastal resort of Blackpool where, armed only with an aqualung and a special torch, he swam out to sea for a distance of around two kilometres before diving to a depth of almost 800 metres, and turning back, towards and underneath the UK mainland.

Moist : Dick
The historic journey took around eight and a half hours, during which time Branson had to navigate in pitch darkness and endure temperatures of around 4.

He completed the record-breaking trip at 6.15 the following morning when, tired but triumphant, he emerged from beneath the eastern coast and swam to shore at Scarborough in Yorkshire, to awaiting crowds of journalists and cheering onlookers.

Branson, better known for his half-arsed ballooning exploits, gave the crowds a wave and his trademark grin, apparently in good spirits, despite a lightly harmed front and faint odour of octopus.

Never one to rest on his laurels however, Sir Richard has already begun to plan his next dare-devil venture: He aims to become the first person to parachute onto the moon, when it next passes beneath the Earth in 2003.


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