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Wednesday 8th Jan 1997

requested by M. Jackson of Lancashire

with the Reverend Daniel O'Shelves
the Reverend Daniel o'Shelves

"Stop it! Your behaviour is against my religion!"

Travel News

12.08.04 07:38:18 GMT Reporter: Sophie Titwang

All the latest updates from the world of world travel.


Flights out of London Heathrow are likely to be subject to delay over the next few weeks whilst British Airways technicians complete the task of fitting AMRAAM air-to-air missiles and 30mm machine cannon to all of BA's Boeing 747 and 757 aircraft.

A spokesman for the company insisted that, despite increasing competition between airlines, the "modifications" were entirely an anti-terrorism measure, and would only only be used to fire upon rival airlines' planes "if they get in the way".


There are still no reported sightings of the missing 12.25 Turbostar service from London St Pancras, which was last seen just south of Kettering at around 3.40pm on the 17th of December last year.

Transport police have appealed for anyone who has any information about the location of the missing train to contact them as soon as possible and are in the process of staging a reconstruction of the service's last known movements, in an attempt to jog passengers' memories.

A photofit of the missing locomotive, said to be a "reasonably good likeness" has been posted at all major stations as well as in the passenger magazine The Evening Stranded.


Drivers heading east on the M62 this weekend are reminded that the middle lane of this motorway is now a designated "quiet lane".

Motorists are requested to refrain from using horns, mobile phones or raised voices whilst travelling in this lane.


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